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Who am I?

I’m Kim France, a 59 year-old former magazine editor and writer who got to work at a lot of cool places, some of which are gone now: 7 Days, Sassy, Elle, New York, Spin, and Lucky, which I founded in 2000, and ran until I was bounced in 2010. I’ve written for a ton of publications too, from the New York Times Book Review to Slate to Rolling Stone. These days I live a quieter (and happier!) life in Brooklyn with my husband and dog. I also co-host the Everything is Fine podcast with Jennifer Romolini, which is for ladies over 40 too.

Why the title Girls of a Certain Age?

Because when I started GOACA, I was in my 40s, and still felt a significant pull between feeling like a grown-up and thinking of myself as young and green—a girl. At this stage in the game, as I teeter on the verge of turning 60 and no longer feel like a girl in any respect, the title feels a bit off, and not especially descriptive of what goes on here. But I have been reliably advised that changing the name could cause confusion and maybe reader attrition, so for now, this remains GOACA.

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Kim France 

I co-host the Everything is Fine podcast and write the Girls of a Certain Age Substack. Founding EIC of Lucky mag and Sassy OG.